PowerizeD Horizon Europe project kicks off this February

The PowerizeD Horizon Europe Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking project funded by HORIZON-KDT-JU-2021-1-IA held its kick-off meeting on Feburary 7-8th. Over 100 representatives from 62 research partners from 13 European countries were meeting for two days in Munich at the Campeon, headquarters of Infineon Technologies AG.

PowerizeD aims to develop breakthrough technologies of digitalized and intelligent power electronics, in order to enable sustainable and resilient energy generation, transmission and applications.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a consortium member of this grand initiative. The BME team will primarily contribute to thermalconductivity measurements of new materials used in thermal management solutions, designing for thermal testability (DfTT), study and modelling of structural degradation of device packages by means of structure-function during aging tests; digitalized development workflows and standardization activities (in terms of thermal testing standards).

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