BME shows how succes rates in research programmes start by knowing yourself: the Competence Map

it is not about competences but about the value propositions that research groups can present, not only to academic partners but also to potential industrial partners..

Borbala Schenk

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), one of Hungary’s leading academic institutions, created an innovative instrument to catalyse opportunities and help researchers show their potential: the BME Competence Map.

Dr Borbala Schenk, the BME Competence Map editor, explains that the goal of the Map is to promote practices to facilitate researchers’ successful participation in Horizon Europe, by providing support in searching for valuable partners, navigating the information systems, finding the right grand and the confidence to pursue new solutions.

Ultimately, the Map shows that the way success is measured in research funding may be flawed and indicates that it is essential to look at rejected proposals to learn from them.

You can read the full story: here.



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